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Exhaust searching for part s on Napas site

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Exhaust & searching for part s on Napas site

My 3 exhaust on my crew cab is split in half about half way back. I did a bunch of searching on here last night and found the part s for the 4 over-the-rear-end pipe from Napa (EXH54387) but could not for the life of me figure out how to search by part instead of key word.

I found it this morning....from homepage click on the PartsPRO SE CATALOG and from there you can put in part s for your search.

So, that out of the way now. Im going to take the truck to a friends place this afternoon to see if we can weld the pipe back up. Its cracked right at where a hanger is, the pipe itself doesnt feel like its rotting out. Ill check more this afternoon and if it is Ill be ordering the part above & a muffler & some 4 pipe. Im not going to straight pipe it without a turbo.

From what I read on here based on what was factory I think the 3 exhaust came with the Raywell PowerPlus MKII kit. They did a ram air intake, a funky bowled air cleaner assy & the exhaust it looks like.

If I do end up replacing the whole shebang Ill price out the 4 & the 3 and see where that leads me.

As the project rolls along. Very, very slowly. Drive train build.

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